HALLELUJAH! – The Podcasts

Hallelujah!: Reflections on life in the London Philharmonic Choir – Past, Present and Future.
Presented by Daniel Snowman

As part of our anniversary celebration, we gathered a number of past and present Choir members to tell their stories about the London Philharmonic Choir. Why did they choose to join the LPC? What was the audition like? Did ladies really wear hats to rehearsals? What’s it like rehearsing and performing under the world’s top conductors? And what really goes on during those foreign tours, of which the LPC has had so many in recent years?

Get to know us by listening to our six podcasts especially produced for our 60th Anniversary season.

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Episode List

1 Why Join?
Members of the London Philharmonic Choir recall when, why and how they joined the LPC. Auditions and after.

2 Why Stay?
Many reasons: a rehearsal evening can revive flagging spirits, especially under a good Chorus Master. And there might be more personal reasons for staying, too…

3 Memorable Maestri
What has it been like singing under great conductors such as Sir Adrian Boult, Bernard Haitink, Sir Georg Solti and Kurt Masur?

4 How Does the Choir Work?
What the backroom boys and girls in the LPC have to do to get the show on the road.

5 Some Choice Unforgettabilities!
Times, places and events that none who were there will ever forget.

6 Where We’ve Been – and Where We’re Going
Join the LPC and see the world. Here’s a ‘Hallelujah’ to the next 60 Years!